Travel Tech and AI Entrepreneur from LA 

Raj Singh is a futurist, investor, and entrepreneur. He serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Revinate, one of the world’s largest hotel tech companies.

Raj Singh from LA, an AI entrepreneur

In 2014, Raj founded Go Moment, an AI hotel technology company backed by Google and later acquired by Revinate in 2021. As CEO, Raj helped envision, build, commercialize, and scale Ivy, the world’s first smartconcierge. Ivy has helped 50 million guests by answering their frequently asked questions in 1 second, getting them towels faster, and having margaritas and burgers delivered by the pool… all with a quick text message to Ivy.

Ivy’s effortless chat user experience (UX), early adoption of AI, and seamless integration of human service into a largely automated solution made her a hit with demanding hotel guests.

Raj’s other involvements include mentorship at UCLA Anderson, advising, and investing in SaaS companies. He enjoys scaling human-centric businesses, traveling, and podcasts. Besides his professional ventures, he is a music lover, weekend memeologist, a proponent of practical futurism, and kaizen follower.

Before his current ventures in scaling great products for travel brands, he designed, developed, and deployed web products for clients like Universal, Sony, Virgin Records, and HEB Grocery, developing core skills in Product, Design, UX, and Marketing.

Raj is currently on a mission to make a billion people smile – a mission that is partly supported by Ivy and his efforts at Revinate.

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