Entrepreneurs need inspiration

The giants who made it through recessions

Entrepreneurs can’t seem to agree on it. Everyone has an opinion.

In the US, are we in recession? Are we recovering from it already? 

I don’t have a crystal ball to gaze into. I can’t predict the future. 

If you are an entrepreneur or a founder who is nervous about where we are currently or where we are headed, I can offer advice, experience and empathy. 

Actually, I can do better than that. 

I want to share examples of inspiration and positivity, from the past, that stunned me. 

Examples of 5 giants that launched in and around previous recessions.

Sometimes, looking back helps us plan our path ahead. 

Or maybe, having these stories on hand can help frame discussions with investors better. 

Or slay the self doubts within us. 

(I shared a version of this post on my LinkedIn page.)

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