MEKANIK DOLL 3 by Dylan_Kowalski_3D

A Tsunami of Stunning Visuals Is Headed Your Way

It started slowly, then happened all at once. AI-generated images went from incoherent, postage stamp sizes to high-quality, photorealistic images in the last couple of years. How did this happen? Think about how ubiquitously computers interpret your speech these days. Your phone, Alexa, Google Assistant — this tech is everywhere today. It can be fun and often useful, but it doesn’t feel like magic. For … Continue reading A Tsunami of Stunning Visuals Is Headed Your Way

Entrepreneurs change directions too

From B2C To B2B: Lessons I Learned From Changing Direction

Hard-to-get concert tickets. Skydiving experiences. Exclusive dinner dates.  Go Moment used to create unforgettable experiences on demand.  We don’t anymore. We retained the idea of creating unforgettable experiences (it is central to who we are as a company!) and walked away from everything else.  Entrepreneurs need to pause, examine, re-examine constantly.  I’ve talked about this idea before – and how I find myself repeating this … Continue reading From B2C To B2B: Lessons I Learned From Changing Direction

Entrepreneurs need inspiration

The giants who made it through recessions

Entrepreneurs can’t seem to agree on it. Everyone has an opinion. In the US, are we in recession? Are we recovering from it already?  I don’t have a crystal ball to gaze into. I can’t predict the future.  If you are an entrepreneur or a founder who is nervous about where we are currently or where we are headed, I can offer advice, experience and … Continue reading The giants who made it through recessions

Go Moment

When do inspirations hit you?

(I founded Go Moment in 2014; I’m currently the CEO there.) 1200 feet up. Above the Pacific Ocean. Just off the coast of Malibu. It was 2012. I remember who to thank for being up there.  I remember the exact time when inspiration hit and what I wanted to do next.  It was an unforgettable experience and I wanted to help everyone have experiences like … Continue reading When do inspirations hit you?

Why Organizations Win, According to Musk, Sinek, and Paul Graham

Finite players play to beat the people around them. Infinite players play to be better than themselves. I could’ve been reading an article analyzing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Except I wasn’t. ENTER: Simon Sinek I was listening to Sinek (he was talking at Google) use game theory to describe the kinds of ‘games’ companies engage in: finite games, where the objective is to win … Continue reading Why Organizations Win, According to Musk, Sinek, and Paul Graham

I’ve done what Kobe Bryant and LeBron James reportedly do. And I’m not a fan.

I walked into -157 degrees Fahrenheit. And stayed there for two minutes. I didn’t have a trace of thermal clothing or even a shirt. You can see in the video that I walked in willingly.  Want to understand how cold -157 Fahrenheit (-105 Celsius) is? The coldest recorded temperature on Earth is  -148 Fahrenheit (minus 100 Celsius) somewhere between Dome Argus and Dome Fuji on … Continue reading I’ve done what Kobe Bryant and LeBron James reportedly do. And I’m not a fan.

How to beat jet lag with biohacking

I am a biohacker and I’ve been biohacking for over a decade now.  Being a practitioner for that long means that I’ve had to chart my way through the unavoidable messiness and realities of everyday life as an entrepreneur. I travel frequently for work. I speak at conferences. I hang at after-conference parties. Rarely do the lives of entrepreneurs drown in a sea of sameness. … Continue reading How to beat jet lag with biohacking

Why the world’s busiest smartconcierge, Ivy, is a woman

“Can we call her Sandy instead?” The first time we heard that question from someone considering Ivy for their hotel, we froze. And a second later, cheerfully refused to change Ivy’s name. Naturally, we are attached to Ivy as the name for our smartconcierge. More importantly though, we are proud of the results driven by the consistent persona and the thinking that led to the … Continue reading Why the world’s busiest smartconcierge, Ivy, is a woman

How digitally advanced are we?

This isn’t pretty. In April 2016, McKinsey Global Institute looked at how digitization has taken hold across various industries in the US economy. They looked at 27 different indicators and grouped them into three categories: organizations’ spend on buying the latest tech assets (computers, servers, software, etc), how these assets are used across the organization, and how employees integrate these tools in their day-to-day tasks. … Continue reading How digitally advanced are we?

Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 4

Up above

Los Angeles International Airport. Terminal 4. LA based photographer, Mike Kelley, created this image as part of a series, Life Cycles, that “explores the creation, use, and destruction of aircraft…The images were created entirely from above, opposite to our usual experience of seeing aircraft from below or within.” The entire series is worth a look. Check out this version of LAX in 1972: Image … Continue reading Up above

Biohacking entrepreneurs

How entrepreneurs can biohack their way to better results

Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof Nutrition, plans to live until at least 180 years. It isn’t a wayward claim – Asprey has been saying this for a long time and routinely asks his podcasts guests “how long do you plan to live?” How does he plan to live that long? Is it possible to plan at all? It may be, through biohacking: the art … Continue reading How entrepreneurs can biohack their way to better results

Room with a view

We are incredibly lucky in the hotel industry – location advantage is just one of several that we have to be thankful for. This is the Walliser Stube restaurant at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Eloise. Have you been there? Image: Room with a view. Copyright with Aimee Hernandez Photography. Print for sale at — (I’ve been collecting beautiful images for inspiration since 2010. Check … Continue reading Room with a view

Efficiency | More with less

Why efficiency is overrated

Efficiency, often, isn’t the right goal for me. It probably may not be the right one for you either. When I say this, I’m clearly not talking of lap times in a car racing game, or how quickly you can stack and unstack cups. Routine tasks beg for optimization – and consequently create a critical difference between productivity and efficiency. I’m not going to dive … Continue reading Why efficiency is overrated

Why authenticity is overrated

I’m in the business of helping craft guest experiences in the hospitality industry. Without fail, I draw hoteliers’ and hospitality leaders’ attention when I tell them what I do. Why? For years now, guest experiences have been considered central to a hotel’s success. And within the realm of guest experiences, authenticity has been the lodestar. I’d bet that if our industry leaders are asked to … Continue reading Why authenticity is overrated

Hospitality Upgrade EVS Austin, TX, 2019

Where ideas take flight and inspirations land

A week ago, I was in Austin, Texas. Hospitality Upgrade hosted their annual Executive Vendor Summit for the 15th year in a row.  Since its inception, The Summit has been an invitation only event. This was my first time. And what an honor it was to be asked to attend; not only becauseGo Moment was invited as a hotel technology company on the rise. Friends … Continue reading Where ideas take flight and inspirations land

Charlie Davis illustrations

Designing Warmth

Image credit: Charlie Davis’ illustrations exemplify the tethering of complex layers (vectors, free hand drawing and then layers) with the relative simplicity of the scene. Davis “is always looking to tell a story filled with lots of warmth, exaggeration, and shapes that stray from reality.” Artist: Charlie Davis. Illustrator/Designer based in London. More about the artist here: — (Beautiful images are inspiring; I’ve … Continue reading Designing Warmth