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This isn’t a Trojan Horse

I’ll keep it simple: I’m going to write. More often, more consistently, and right here.

I’m not jumping onto the content marketing bandwagon as much as I am stitching together disparate threads and creating a single destination to showcase the end result.

Besides my professional ventures, I have been collecting random, beautiful images for inspiration since June 2010. I have assembled them all at this site – check the archives here. I also have a soundcloud full of unfinished tunes that were a complete joy to create.

Going forward, at RS|LA you will read about the intersections of UX design and futurist technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, VR/AR/MR, and IoT. And occasional references to  Kurzgesagt, waitbutwhy or xkcd.

Hold me to my promise of writing often?

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